Quantum Qraft


Forge Download Instructions:
1. Click on the link below.
2. Navigate to the latest forge recommended build and click on the "installer" button.
3. Open the .jar file, and click OK.
4. Run minecraft and click on the "edit profile" button. Navigate to the "Use Version" drop-down menu and select the forge release.

QCraft Download Instructions:
1. Follow the link below and scroll down to the "Direct Install," or Option 2. Click on the "direct download" button next to the latest version.
2. Unzip (or unpack) the .zip file you just downloaded. It should transform into a folder.
2. Navigate to your Minecraft folder. For mac, it is located in the library/application support folder. For windows, search "roaming" and it will be there.
3. Place the folder with QCraft's contents in the "mods" folder. Restart Minecraft.